Provide your team access to our entire media library of self-help courses to combat life’s biggest challenges, personally and professionally. 

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The reality is people’s lives outside of work directly impact your workplace. An employee who is struggling with their mental health cannot switch their problems off when they clock in. It’s simple, employees who are less stressed in their personal lives are more satisfied and productive in their professional lives. 

Your team can benefit from mental health support, but not everyone is ready to meet with a therapist one-on-one. Our researched, self-guided, and comprehensive self-help courses have a low barrier to entry. As a result, your employees can improve their mental health in and outside of the workplace on their own schedule.



Sometimes a person knows that they are struggling, but they just don’t know what the next step should be. Our courses help educate about a variety of mental health topics, as well as provide guidance on what their next steps may be. 


Self-help is a great way to begin working with mental health on an individual level before learning to open to another person. This allows your employees to address problems personally before deciding if they feel comfortable working with a therapist.


Above all else, self-help courses allow your employees to tackle their mental health on their schedule. They can decide when they are ready to address a specific topic. Additionally, they can work through each course on their timeline.

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These courses will be an asset to your employees as a standalone option or they can be used to complement a number of other workplace solutions. You can provide your organization self-help courses at a discounted rate, or through an all-access pass. With the all-access option, your employees get all our current self-help courses and immediate access to new courses as they are published.

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