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CFS will deliver workshops, in-person or virtually, to your organization that are grounded in a wide variety of mental health topics. Choose from any of our pre-packaged workshops or have a custom workshop created to meet your organization’s unique circumstances. 

Every workshop will be tailored specifically to the needs and goals of your organization to promote better mental health, a thriving workplace culture, improved alignment, and increased engagement. Your team will receive the education and tools necessary specifically designed to drive immediate action and improvement.



Destigmatize Mental Health

Improve Communication

Establish a Culture of Wellness


Build Trust & Team Chemistry

Open Doors for Support

And More!

Start the conversation about mental wellness in your workplace.

How long can the burnout continue? How much turnover is acceptable before something different needs to happen? Will your organization overcome these common mental health pitfalls that cause teams to fail?

What happens if you don’t start the conversation about the importance of every individual’s mental health?

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Burnout Prevention

60-90 Minutes

Burnout is emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion brought on by prolonged or repeated stress. Burnout appears gradually and is most often associated with work, parenting, or relationships. In a 2021 study by, 52% of respondents experienced burnout, up from 43% in the same pre-COVID survey. As the pandemic continues, it is even more important for employers to make burnout a priority. 


  1. Understand the emotional, physical, and behavioral symptoms of burnout 
  2. Learn about the impacts of burnout on individuals and the workplace 
  3. Learn strategies to prevent burnout 
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Mental Wellness in 2022 & Beyond

60-90 Minutes

Mental health in the United States is at an all-time low which has created more focus on mental wellness, especially in the workplace. This workshop is an introduction to how employers can positively affect the mental wellness of their workforce. 


  1. Understand how the uncertainty of the pandemic has worsened existing mental health issues and created new ones 
  2. Learn the signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses 
  3. Receive tips for managing your workforce with mental wellness in mind 

Mental Wellness is Good Business

60-90 Minutes

In the United States, nearly half of all adults will struggle with mental illness. This workshop explores the impact of mental illness on job performance and the cost to a company due to untreated mental illness. 


  1. Understand that mental illness impacts a sizable portion of your workforce 
  2. Learn the cost of mental illness on employee performance 
  3. Understand the financial implications untreated mental illness has to a company 
  4. See how reducing the stigma and openly discussing the importance of mental wellness positively affects workplace culture 

Mental Wellness in the Classroom

60-90 Minutes

Thirteen to twenty percent of kids are diagnosed with a mental health disorder in any given year and educators are often the first to notice a change in a student’s behavior. This workshop is an introduction to how mental illness may appear in student behavior and what educators can do to support mental wellness in the classroom. 


  1. Learn the signs of common mental illnesses  
  2. Understand the impact mental wellness has on a student’s ability to learn 
  3. Receive strategies for creating a learning environment with mental wellness in mind 

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Trauma & Its Impact

60-90 Minutes

Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, are traumatic childhood experiences such as physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, physical and emotional neglect, household challenges, etc. Research has shown that as the number of ACEs a child experiences increases, so does the risk of several health conditions and social problems during that person’s life. This workshop will help you understand the impact of ACEs on child development, help you identify signs of trauma in your students and employees, and provide ways to respond rather than react. 


  1. Identify adverse experiences that can affect a child’s development and their response to stress 
  2. Understand the importance of healthy brain development in a child’s early years and the impacts of toxic stress 
  3. Understand that experiencing adversity in childhood can have a significant impact on a person’ life course resulting in ill health, poor well-being, and in some cases premature death 
  4. Understand how building resilience can help mitigate the impact of ACEs 
  5. Understand what it means to look at adverse childhood experiences through a “trauma-informed lens”  
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Leading with a Mental Health Mindset

4-Hour Workshop

In the United States nearly half of all adults, 46 percent, will experience a mental illness at some point in their life. This workshop provides extensive information on the impact of mental illness in the workplace and how employers can positively impact the mental wellness of their workforce. 


  1. Understand the signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses  
  2. Learn how trauma can affect an employee’s mental or physical health 
  3. Understand how the uncertainty of the pandemic has worsened existing mental health issues and created new ones 
  4. Learn why mental wellness is a personal issue, not a personnel issue 
  5. Explore risk factors within organizations that can have a negative impact on employee mental wellness 
  6. Learn how to listen actively, practice empathy, and support an employee during a mental health crisis 
  7. Receive tips for managing your workforce with mental wellness in mind 

1-Day Workshop or 2 Half-Days

Dr. Rodney Dieser offers psychological strategies to develop soft skill-based leadership to prevent burnout and change toxic workplaces in this one-day interactive workshop.


  1. Discover your specific purpose at work
  2. Learn how to use free time outside of work to develop an optimal leisure lifestyle that can lead to discovering meaning in life
  3. Learn to reframe your thoughts when feeling negative in your work setting
  4. Gain compassion toward yourself and your work colleagues, including how to repair ruptured relationships, and learning how to calm yourself when upset

Custom Workshops

Our team specializes in building custom workshops to fit your organization’s unique needs. Contact us today to discuss your next workshop.

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