Expand your employee’s self-care tool kit with researched and effective mental health worksheets.

Improving your self-esteem worksheet


Our worksheets are designed by a team of professionals to guide someone through their mental health journey. They help create a path to self-discovery—and eventually—growth. Each worksheet takes a key mental health concept and breaks it down. What does it mean? How could this apply to your life? Once the concept is better understood, we lay out the steps a person can take to address the topic within their own life. 


Improving Your Self-Esteem

Where does self-esteem come from and how can we improve it? Learn more in our self-esteem worksheet.

Negative Core Beliefs

Identify negative core beliefs and learn how to challenge them with this worksheet.

Identifying Anxiety Triggers

This worksheet explains anxiety triggers, how to identify them, and healthy ways a person can respond and cope with them.

Negative Self-Talk

Recognize, question, and replace the negative way you speak to yourself with this worksheet.

I-Statements in relationships

Improve the quality of communication in your relationship by learning how to practice reflective listening and form I-statements.

...and more

More worksheets are already available and we are constantly working on creating more.



Our worksheets break down seemingly complicated mental health topics and help create accessible ways to work on the topic within a person’s own life.


These worksheets work well for a variety of situations and can be used in whatever way a person prefers. Whether that is used individually or in collaboration with therapy.


Mental health work can feel complex, but worksheets give you a physical thing you can 


Many people are ready to embrace self-improvement, but they don’t know what the first step is. That may be the case for many of your employees; they are ready to grow, but they are not sure how. That is where you can step in to help. You can provide your employees with a collection of mental health worksheets that guide some of life’s most common and challenging obstacles. These worksheets can be a great compliment to therapy or a useful standalone resource.

Mental health is important, but it can be broad and difficult to understand on an individual level. Above all else, providing your employees with tangible resources can make your values clear. Additionally, it gives your workers an accessible way to work on their mental health—whether it’s the beginning of their journey or they have been working on it for a while.

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