Help your organization create a foundation of mental wellness.

Employee Assistance Program

Our EAP plans offer mental health counseling sessions and can be customized to include our other services.


Receive an in-depth report on where your workplace mental health currently stands, including custom feedback to improve your workplace wellness.

Self-help courses

Empower your employees to flourish with access to our entire media library of self-help courses to overcome life’s biggest challenges.

Mental Wellness Worksheets

Provide your employees with researched and practical worksheets so their mental health can thrive.

Mental Wellness workshops

Receive custom or pre-built workshops from a licensed mental health professional tailored to your organization’s culture and unique needs.

Organization in Transition

Big changes can cause big reactions. Get ahead of this by utilizing our consulting services to help guide the entire process.

Crisis Response

Navigate stress from trauma and other workplace incidents alongside licensed mental health professionals.

Mental Health Consulting

Our leadership team and licensed therapists will collaborate with you to provide insight on your organization’s unique mental health needs.

Executive Mentorship

Receive 1:1 executive leadership mentoring with a mindset that prioritizes your organization’s mental health.

Work meeting


Imagine you go to the doctor and the first thing they do is hand you a prescription. Wouldn’t you be alarmed? The doctor didn’t even ask what symptoms you have or what your problem was. They just offered you a generic solution in the hope it might help. 

Unfortunately, many organizations are doing this without even realizing it. Some are simply checking the box with an ineffective, diluted Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that is thrown in with one of their other benefit programs. Others are simply adding ping pong tables and bean bag chairs, hoping it will make an impact. Meanwhile, nothing is being done specifically for the mental wellness of employees.

Too many organizations take the initiative to do something about mental wellness after something terrible happens. Loss of productivity, declining revenue and profits, increased turnover, more internal conflicts, or the heart-wrenching loss of a colleague is what springs companies to action. Many of these issues could have been severely lessened or prevented with a quality mental wellness program. This is your opportunity to be proactive instead of reactive. Stay in front of this rather than playing catch up. 

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